Tentpeg Consulting works with individuals and their organisations to enable them to “grow their influence” and effectiveness through putting down firm leadership foundations.

Our work includes Executive Coaching, clarifying purpose, mission and values, culture building and measurement, developing strategy, organisational health, employee engagement and individual and team effectiveness. We work with individuals and with teams using and building a range of measurement tools to support and monitor development and effectiveness.

In addition, Tentpeg offers coach supervision, sharing years of experience and learning with coaches who are wrestling with the demands of coaching and who are wanting to grow their coaching expertise.

We lead courses on Strengths Based Coaching and using the Gallup Strengths Finder as a coaching tool.

Our recent work includes:

  • Coaching a new CEO throughout his first 100 days
  • Working to build a new leadership team in a manufacturing company.
  • Putting in place easy to use, practical tools and techniques for improved performance management.
  • Building a suite of recruitment tools in successful hospitality company.
  • Facilitating the development of a strategic framework for an international design and manufacturing organisation.
  • Assessing governance arrangements in a complex federal organisation.
  • Teaching the use of strengths based psychometrics.
  • Supporting an internal marketing function through reorganisation and brand launches.
  • Coaching and Strategy Development with a Bishop’s Staff Team.
  • Organisational development with a global charity.
  • Conflict resolution in a dysfunctional multicultural team
  • Teaching HR Business Partners how to use strengths based psychometric tools


Jill Garrett

Jill Garrett

Jill Garrett is Executive Director of Tentpeg Consulting; she is regarded as an authority on leadership development, team effectiveness, engagement, governance and the effective use of individual and organisational strengths. Jill’s work with leaders and senior teams has significantly helped to bring clarity of direction, renewed engagement and improved business results. Her passion is to improve organisational performance by enabling leaders to build cultures, strategies and processes which enable each person to be and do their best at work so as to benefit those the organisation exists to serve.

Jill has been in senior leadership roles for over thirty years, Previously Jill has been European Managing Director of the Gallup Organisation, Senior Account Manager, Customer Services Director, Director of Leadership Development, a Secondary School Head teacher. She has designed a number of recruitment and strengths based talent development tools. The Inspirational Leadership Tool, developed in partnership with the Government’s Innovation Group has been widely used to help Leaders to optimise and apply their innate leadership strengths. She has worked globally to help organisations to raise engagement and productivity.

Jill works closely with senior leaders across sectors with culture change, executive development and efficiency agendas and coaches CEOs, Strategic Directors and their teams.

Personal Philosophy

I am convinced that one of the most significant contributions we can make to the future is to intentionally invest in developing leaders who inspire and engage their followers, who model ethical standards, expect and produce excellent results and who are practically focused on improving the lives of those the organisation serves.

Sectors include

Finance, Hospitality, Automotive, Local and Central Government, the Church, Housing Associations, Paper Products, Food Manufacturers, Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Care. Services.

Skills include

  • Executive Coaching
  • Building and aligning Executive Teams
  • Designing engagement and recruitment tools
  • Facilitation of large and small groups
  • Strengths Based Management
  • Corporate team development
  • Selection Tools and techniques
  • Culture Change
  • Strategic and Personal Leadership
  • Corporate Governance
  • Partnership working
  • Conflict Resolution

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