Phil O'Connor
Senior Leadership & People Development Manager, Holland & Barrett

“I first came across Strength Finders and the wonderful Jill Garrett, following an invitation from Catherine Williamson at “The Dairy” in Leamington, to attend a workshop.

To say the least, it was an awesome experience and continues to guide my work and life. It wasn’t just the insights the profile gave me, but also in the way Jill was able use her undoubted expertise to articulate and engage with me and my fellow participants at the workshop.  Her gentle, but powerful style opened my eyes to a side of me that had previously lay dormant.  

Through her guidance, I was able to understand where my previous success had come from; appreciate who I was rather than what I did and shift my mind set to a place where I appreciated my brand and contribution to the world around me.

Thanks to Jill, I took the philosophy of Strength Finders and reached out to people within my business to embrace it and gain the value I had, incorporating it into the Halfords Graduate Programme, as well as some more personal and bespoke coaching assignments for Senior Executives.  

This continued into other organisations I have been involved with and will always be an essential tool for me and my teams to use, in the future development of people to be at their best, value their worth and focus on the gifts they bring.

Life changing?   Yes, I believe for me it was.”

Tim Dakin
Bishop of Winchester

“I have worked with Jill over a number of years and in a range of different contexts.
Whether she has been facilitating a Diocesan Conference of over 220, or coaching one to one or working with the Bishop’s Staff Team Jill has been challenging, knowledgeable and ready to give the support and encouragement to achieve results.
I am very pleased to commend Jill. “

Ken Gill
Chief Executive NCUK

“I have worked with Jill over the last 10 years to support my employing organisations, my teams and myself in a variety of sectors and contexts. Over that time Jill has provided first class advice, support, and challenge in a timely and empathetic professional way.

Jill is always well researched, practical and focussed and helps to significantly develop leaders and teams by using techniques that build trust, self-awareness and focus on increased performance and impact. In addition, Jill is consummate and applies searching questions when it comes to the development of organisational strategies. Jill focusses on the successful implementation of strategy through the leader being developed to apply the appropriate approaches that are effective. Jill questions, probes and applies appropriate new and fresh techniques and thinking to complex challenges leaving no stone unturned in making sure that the leader faces up to the hard issues.

I always look forward to working with Jill and NOTHING is forgotten and her attention to delivery for the client is simply outstanding.”

Mike DeNoma
Chief Exec KBZ bank Burma and former CEO ghl Hotel & Leisure Group

“The tools, the process, the insights and the deft orchestration necessary for effective leadership coaching and development of teams in organisations rarely occurs in one place. Jill Garrett provides a terrific exception to this rule. Working with her, you can expect significant results”.

Neil Smith

Sprue Aegis PLC is a European leader in the design, development and distribution of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms operating across many different channels and working with market leading organisations and businesses.
In developing our 5 year strategic growth plan, Tentpeg Consulting were invaluable in helping to shape our thinking and organisational development.
Jill’s insight, experience and energy were inspirational not just to myself as the new CEO of the business but to all colleagues on the Leadership team who interacted with Jill throughout our 100 day process.
Jill interpreted the brief and goals from which a series of high energy workshops were created with exceptional engagement and outstanding results.
As a leadership team, with Jill’s support we created a new corporate purpose, values and behaviours with a clearly defined commercial roadmap and in addition to the “higher level” thinking, Jill and Tentpeg helped in the macro development of our business with the creation of new roles and responsibilities and a complete new employee engagement and performance process and toolkit for coaches.
In managing the “heavy lifting” of organisational change it meant that the Leadership team were able to get on with managing the day to day businesses activities confident that we would achieve exceptional outputs from Jill and Tentpeg.
Jill and Tentpeg Consulting uniquely blend knowledge with empathy, energy and results.

Phil Simpson
Mission Consultant at para-klesis

I have worked with Jill in 2 contexts:
She was the external Consultant for an Organisational Learning and Development process with an INGO in Afghanistan. She helped to bring structure and wise guidance to the process and most importantly helped us deliver necessary change - both on an organisational and govenance level.
The other context was with a British based mission agency working - working with both the Senior Management Team and Trustees, bringing about more coherence around strategy.
She is a quick thinker, good storyteller and is able to construct helpful processes to bring about change. She also introduced the very helpful Strengthsfinder to both organisations as a useful tool for understanding what individuals can contribute to the whole organisation.
I highly commend her.

Colin Roy
Chief Marketing Officer, glh

“Working with Jill has enabled me to be a better leader faster.  Jill has a unique ability to bring together Executive Coaching and real world issues in my business that need attention now.  The one-to-one partnership that Jill fosters, in conjunction with her vast experience in her field of expertise, ensures I stay nimble and adaptable as I learn the difficult terrain of conflict management within a leadership perspective while being the guardian of balance between change and continuity”. 

Sectors include

Finance, Hospitality, Automotive, Local and Central Government, the Church, Housing Associations, Paper Products, Food Manufacturers, Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Care. Services.

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