Phil O'Connor
Senior Leadership & People Development Manager, Holland & Barrett

“I first came across Strength Finders and the wonderful Jill Garrett, following an invitation from Catherine Williamson at “The Dairy” in Leamington, to attend a workshop.

To say the least, it was an awesome experience and continues to guide my work and life. It wasn’t just the insights the profile gave me, but also in the way Jill was able use her undoubted expertise to articulate and engage with me and my fellow participants at the workshop.  Her gentle, but powerful style opened my eyes to a side of me that had previously lay dormant.  

Through her guidance, I was able to understand where my previous success had come from; appreciate who I was rather than what I did and shift my mind set to a place where I appreciated my brand and contribution to the world around me.

Thanks to Jill, I took the philosophy of Strength Finders and reached out to people within my business to embrace it and gain the value I had, incorporating it into the Halfords Graduate Programme, as well as some more personal and bespoke coaching assignments for Senior Executives.  

This continued into other organisations I have been involved with and will always be an essential tool for me and my teams to use, in the future development of people to be at their best, value their worth and focus on the gifts they bring.

Life changing?   Yes, I believe for me it was.”

Sectors include

Finance, Hospitality, Automotive, Local and Central Government, the Church, Housing Associations, Paper Products, Food Manufacturers, Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Care. Services.

Latest Tweets

GarrettJill Spring is coming; Aslam’s on the move!! https://t.co/bd8xJYEaeZ
GarrettJill ‘Cynics never change the world. They just tell you why the world can’t change’


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