Neil Smith

Sprue Aegis PLC is a European leader in the design, development and distribution of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms operating across many different channels and working with market leading organisations and businesses.
In developing our 5 year strategic growth plan, Tentpeg Consulting were invaluable in helping to shape our thinking and organisational development.
Jill’s insight, experience and energy were inspirational not just to myself as the new CEO of the business but to all colleagues on the Leadership team who interacted with Jill throughout our 100 day process.
Jill interpreted the brief and goals from which a series of high energy workshops were created with exceptional engagement and outstanding results.
As a leadership team, with Jill’s support we created a new corporate purpose, values and behaviours with a clearly defined commercial roadmap and in addition to the “higher level” thinking, Jill and Tentpeg helped in the macro development of our business with the creation of new roles and responsibilities and a complete new employee engagement and performance process and toolkit for coaches.
In managing the “heavy lifting” of organisational change it meant that the Leadership team were able to get on with managing the day to day businesses activities confident that we would achieve exceptional outputs from Jill and Tentpeg.
Jill and Tentpeg Consulting uniquely blend knowledge with empathy, energy and results.

Sectors include

Finance, Hospitality, Automotive, Local and Central Government, the Church, Housing Associations, Paper Products, Food Manufacturers, Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Care. Services.

Latest Tweets

GarrettJill RT @StigAbell: Obama on call-out culture is such an anthem for our times. https://t.co/NazrLqH5rL
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