Ken Gill
Chief Executive NCUK

“I have worked with Jill over the last 10 years to support my employing organisations, my teams and myself in a variety of sectors and contexts. Over that time Jill has provided first class advice, support, and challenge in a timely and empathetic professional way.

Jill is always well researched, practical and focussed and helps to significantly develop leaders and teams by using techniques that build trust, self-awareness and focus on increased performance and impact. In addition, Jill is consummate and applies searching questions when it comes to the development of organisational strategies. Jill focusses on the successful implementation of strategy through the leader being developed to apply the appropriate approaches that are effective. Jill questions, probes and applies appropriate new and fresh techniques and thinking to complex challenges leaving no stone unturned in making sure that the leader faces up to the hard issues.

I always look forward to working with Jill and NOTHING is forgotten and her attention to delivery for the client is simply outstanding.”

Sectors include

Finance, Hospitality, Automotive, Local and Central Government, the Church, Housing Associations, Paper Products, Food Manufacturers, Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Care. Services.

Latest Tweets

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